In a stunning display of athleticism, 60-year-old Spanish master runner Jon Arzubialde left spectators in awe at the Zurich San Sebastián Marathon in his hometown, San Sebastián, Spain. Surpassing all expectations, Arzubialde not only secured a commendable 23rd position out of 3,000 participants but also shattered the Spanish M60+ masters marathon record with an astonishing time of two hours, 34 minutes, and six seconds.

Arzubialde and Ndiwa

Commanding the 42.2K course with an impressive average pace of three minutes and 39 seconds per kilometer, he left his M60+ competitors trailing by a remarkable 18 minutes. Arzubialde’s relentless speed saw him breeze through the 10K mark at 36:28 and achieve the half-marathon milestone in a swift 1:16:46. Remarkably, he fell short only to the women’s champion, Kenya’s Emmah Cheruto Ndiwa, who crossed the finish line just ahead in two hours and 31 minutes. Arzubialde’s extraordinary feat stands as a testament to his enduring prowess and unwavering dedication in the world of master marathon running.

Holding multiple M55+ category triumphs in both the 3,000m (9:20.60) and the 100K (7:34:29), he undeniably commands respect across various distances. Reflecting on his journey, Arzubialde recalls a four-hour marathon at 16, a distant memory as he now inches closer to the M60+ masters world record.

Testament to dedication

His training is a testament to his dedication; he logs six days a week, covering an impressive 70 kilometers. In the recent marathon, he narrowly missed the M60+ record, set at 2:30:02 by Irish Olympian Tommy Hughes in 2020. Hughes, a relentless force, not only claimed the record but went on to surpass it with sub-2:32 timings thrice. Remarkably, at 62, he nearly outdid himself, finishing just three seconds shy of his 2022 mark at the Manchester Marathon, clocking in at 2:30:05. Arzubialde’s journey is a celebration of tenacity and an inspiring testament to the indomitable spirit of a record-breaking athlete.

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