Super bike championship is conducted to compete with super bikes at international level also same for Moto Gp bike an international tournament is bee conducted named as MotoGp championship. If we talk about super bike and Moto gp bikes which one is more fastest what will be the view of people on it. So take a look at stats of Super bike and Moto GP bikes.

Super bike championship conducted on a large scale as an international super bike championship. Here various super bikes fully modified with no defects enter into the competition. This bikes are also Available for trading purpose where a person can go to the store and purchase them and are leagal to drive on the road. Each of us knows the difference between a bike and a super bike. Bikes are specially modified to run fastest on the road.

Moto Gp championship is conducted between motorcycle which are not completely progressed or completely fit to run on the roads. Moto Gp bikes cannot be purchased from any dealer and are not available for the customer as it’s not legal to drive a MotoGp bike on normal roads. If we state about engine and bike system totaly is modified to increase the speed of the vehicle and no other luxury are taken into consideration as super bikes are a proper combination of Moto and a normal bike.

If we need to draw a line about which can be the fastest on the road or on the race track. Moto Gp will surely be the answer as the bikes are only made for a sole reason to run fast on the tracks with no luxuries on it. That doesn’t mean their will be a huge gap in speed of super bikes but if we compare them there will be about gap of 5-6 seconds on the race track. Stay tuned on the page to get live reports on Moto Gp bike and list of bikes used in the tournament..

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