At the age of 26, Anthony Kim had made a promising career in golf. He ranked No. 6 in the world and won several times on the PGA Tour. Alongside this, he was also part of a successful Team USA at the 2008 Ryder Cup and 2009 Presidents Cup. 

However, despite his big name in the sport, he disappeared. He followed a series of severe injuries, and eventually made rare appearances in public. 

This year, Kim unexpectedly returned to competitive golf after 12 years. He played on the LIV Golf  Tour, making his comeback, even when he was on the verge of quitting more than ten years ago. 

Kim On his sudden disappearance

Kim admitted that his sudden withdrawal from golf was because of individuals who hurt his career. In an interview, he declared that he was ‘around some bad people.” 

“People that took advantage of me. Scam artists. And when you’re 24 or 25, even 30 years old, you don’t realize the snakes that are living under your roof,” he expressed. 

In his attempt to reorganize his life, Kim stated that he got rid of “almost 98%” of the people who were surrounding him during the early days of his golf career.

More so, Kim explained the severity of his physical issues, stating that he underwent numerous surgeries on his hand, spinal fusion, and Achilles tendon aside from his shoulder. 

Kim added: “I’ve felt very alone, even when there’s a million people around. I needed to get my mind straight and figure out what my purpose was on this planet.”

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With his comeback, he placed last at the third event of the LIV Golf season, which was held in Saudi Arabia. Kim revealed that before deciding to sign with LIV, he had offers to rejoin the PGA Tour.

“So I have an interesting relationship with golf. I don’t think I ever loved it. What’s very weird to me right now is that I’m falling in love with the game,” he said.

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