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Manchester United fans were chanting “If you buy one you’ll get one free” during the match with Manchester City last night. The reference of the chant was based on the ease of purchasing a ticket at the Etihad stadium. 

According to the British press, early exits were from the away section, where Manchester United fans were seated. The whole ordeal was recorded on camera by a helicopter that was flying overhead of the stadium. Manchester United had given up four goals at the same location this year, and it was also done eight times last year. 

Adding insult to the 6-3 score injury, Manchester United has powerful players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who was nowhere to be seen during the match, unfortunately. 

With 15 minutes remaining, City fans were chanting “We want 10” in reference to 10 goals. United skulked off 4-0 behind right before halftime. City, being the obvious powerhouse especially with having Erling Haaland on their side, would have most definitely devastated Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Pep Guardiola’s remarks 

The famed manager for Manchester City, as usual, found flaws in his player’s tactics against one of their fiercest rivals. This is despite winning a 6-3 score against Manchester United. He was quoted to say “we could’ve scored more.” 

Phil Foden and the star of Manchester City, Erling Haaland both scored a hat-trick for Manchester City. But still, Guardiola was not satisfied as he found flaws in his team. This is due to the fact that after the second half, Manchester United attempted to level the playing field by scoring three goals. 

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Haaland, the only player to accomplish impressive scores, continued on his incredible record in England. He scored his third straight hat-trick at home. Not to mention that he broke the record for the fastest player to score three hat-tricks. At only 22 years old he scored 14 goals in his last eight league games. 

Guardiola remarked, ‘Perfection doesn’t exist, it’s impossible. But we must try to look there.’ 

‘We did good, we can do better. Many, many players made sloppy passes. This is not good. We have to be more consistent.

‘In some areas we were still not good, the simple things still we are not good enough. We are losing easy balls. We still conceded some actions for the opponent with simple things we were not doing well.’

‘I like that he’s (Haaland) more involved, but don’t forget his biggest talent is to put the ball in the net. He has incredible instincts that the ball will arrive and it comes from his mum and dad, he was born with that.’

Guardiola then stated: ‘We have this incredible sense that Erling always looks starving and is so competitive. The numbers are scary, honestly. He came here and realised, “Oh, these guys, my mates, run like an animal and I have to do it too”. He will have a break. There will be games he does not play.’

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