Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong, who is a 25-year-old Dutchman, is currently making waves all over the football world. He started off with Willem II and later moved on to Ajax. Currently he is a midfielder for Barcelona. 

De Jong is regarded as one of the best young midfielders during his time at Ajax. Currently, his playing value is worth about €75 million and there are stories going around about Manchester United trying to poach this young Dutchman. Who knows, he could be Erik ten Hag’s new friend in the team. 

He recently admitted that he was ‘pushed’ to join United and Ten Hag has expressed his true desires on having De Jong on board of his team. It is rumoured that Barcelona would want the transfer money off the young dutchman as currently La Liga teams are cash strapped. 

Social media comments regarding De Jong 

On Manchester United’s Facebook fan page the admin posted that they would need an excellent midfielder like De Jong. The caption stated that they know United fans do not want to hear about him again, but he will compliment players like Casemiro on the field. 

United fans, as usual, don’t have many nice things to say especially about this player. One of them stated “Don’t waste time on him, he doesn’t care about United. Move on, get a life, there’s other important matters that need more attention.” Another user replied that his price should be lesser and needs more time on the field. 

The main reason behind the hostility of the United fans online towards De Jong is specifically due to him dismissing Manchester United. Someone stated that if he is the best midfielder, why is he on the bench in Barcelona. 

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There are some United fans defending the young man as they stated his actual dream club is Barcelona. Manchester United may be a dream club for a number of other players and each individual player has their own specific preference. 

Furthermore, criticisms on Ten Hag’s United rose as some fans think that the club is headed towards a bad direction where they’re prioritising “quick fixes.” “In fact anyone that mentions De Jong’s name must be thrown in a bottomless dungeon and the cave’s mouth must be covered with the heaviest lid,” stated by an angry United fan. 

However, Twitter comments about him seem to be in a slight positive light as there are more rational fans. One fan stated that he is still a good player and shouldn’t be ignored due to him declining to join the team. There is a limited supply of excellent midfielders with the likes of him. 

Other comments were relating defender Casemiro’s possible games with Frenkie de Jong and many claim that the pair would be unstoppable. Some even state that it would not be fair for the pair to work together as they are that good in football. Some are suggesting that either Bruno or Eriksen can also step in place of De Jong. 

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