Alicia Schmidt, 25, of Germany, is ready to run in the mixed 4x400m relay event at the highly anticipated Olympics in Paris. Schmidt is regarded as the “world’s sexiest athlete” due to her immense appeal capped with her remarkable physical prowess.

Her Olympic journey has become even more exciting as a result of the admiration that her irresistible personality and strong talent have garnered from admirers all over the world.

Schmidt’s impact extends beyond a TikTok song, as seen by his massive 4.9 million Instagram followers and an additional 2 million followers. She missed out on competing on her first journey to Tokyo for the 2020 Games, but she is now about to make her Olympic debut, which will be a significant milestone in her career.

The full energy of Schmidt

“I was approached by a well-known brand with an offer two months ago. I did not support it wholeheartedly. I didn’t feel at ease. In the middle to upper range of six figures for a campaign, that would have been.”

“I have to admit that the majority of German track and field competitors find it difficult to support themselves through their sport, I have to admit. It goes without saying that contests can be lucrative. You don’t usually win money in competitions.” she said to

“For me, I couldn’t survive on these sums alone because many competitions still require travel and lodging expenses, which aren’t usually reimbursed. The majority of us work part-time jobs or attend school part-time to have a second source of income.”

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