Several days after meeting Virat Kohli, the former Indian captain Legendary Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Yousuf recently posted a photo of his son with two of the game’s top batsmen during the 2022 Asia Cup. Former Pakistani cricketer Yousuf praised former India captain Kohli and current Pakistan captain Babar Azmi, both of whom are known for their brilliant batting in the two most pure formats. In a recent post, they were referred to as “two modern greats.”

After the Asia Cup 2022 was over, Pakistan’s Yousuf posted a picture of his son posing with Kohli and Babar on Twitter. “Two modern days with my son,” Yusuf captioned his post on the microblogging website. After the Pakistani squad under Babar was eliminated by Sri Lanka in the 2022 Asia Cup, Yousuf’s post drew varied reactions from supporters.

After reading the post, some fans decided to criticize Babar for his lackluster batting display at the Asia Cup. The finest international cricket player of the modern era, according to internet users, is still Babar. One supporter commented, “One is fantastic, one is overrated.” Yes, Babar is overrated, a different user commented. One individual still couldn’t win even after winning the series award, and Shiv Sena couldn’t consistently perform in nations like Kohli.”

After Pakistan’s failure to defeat Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup final, Babar has drawn the ire of cricket fans. Babar, the top batsman going into the Asia Cup, performed horribly with the willow in the continental competition. After Sri Lanka was eliminated by Pakistan in the Asia Cup semifinal match, the illustrious Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also referred to Babar. Babar only managed to score 68 runs in six innings throughout the Asia Cup 2022, with a top score of 30. Pakistan’s great batsman will serve as the team captain for the 2022 Asia Cup. Pakistan revealed its lineup for the ICC World T20 on Thursday.

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