Ben Askren’s tense relationship with UFC president Dana White, despite his retirement from professional mixed martial arts, is a frequent topic of conversation on social media. The two’s continuous feud has frequently made headlines. The UFC and Bud Light have partnered recently, and Fox News host Charly Arnolt revealed a tantalizing glimpse of her talk with the UFC CEO, demonstrating how passions in the mixed martial arts community are still blazing.

she wrote on her twitter; “#UFC has inked a sponsorship deal with Bud Light worth $100 million dollars, making it the official beer of the fighting promotion. I spoke to Dana White about it and says even the staunchest conservatives have offered support with one saying “you can’t torture someone forever,” an article from shared.

In the dynamic world of mixed martial arts collaborations, Bud Light’s victorious comeback as the official beer sponsor of the UFC represents a noteworthy development. Thanks to Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light has returned after Modelo’s era. Ben Askren’s latest remarks allude to an intriguing dispute resulting from Bud Light’s audacious advertising campaign.

The campaign featured transgender TikTok sensation Dylan Mulvaney, which generated controversy from more conservative corners of society, leading to calls for a Bud Light boycott. The intricate interactions between corporate advertising, social standards, and the fervent world of mixed martial arts enthusiasts are highlighted by this event.

The corporation had to reconsider its approach due to a significant drop in beer sales. In order to revive the brand’s appeal, corporate executives developed a new marketing strategy that prioritizes sports and music and promises an exhilarating blend of libations and life’s rhythms.

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Dana White’s complete remarks following the UFC and Bud Light partnership

Although many MMA fans may be surprised by the UFC’s decision to collaborate with Bud Light, Dana White provided a strong justification for the move in a recent interview with Fox News. White’s strategic insight clarifies the many factors that informed the brand relationship and illuminate the underlying rationality of this unexpected decision.

Dana White said; “Going into this deal – I know all the controversy and everything else. But for myself, going into the long term deal with another sponsor, I wanted it to be somebody that I am actually aligned with. People were upset with what they did but I’m looking at all the good things that they do.” an article from mentioned.

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