Mercedes Mone, a well-known former WWE sensation, is one of the most in-demand performers on the modern wrestling scene. Even though she was a free agent, she demonstrated her abilities in AEW matches and in matches with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. There have been rumors of an impending contract between AEW and Mercedes, assuming she heals from her accident. But in December, the talks came to an end, indicating that the parties were splitting up because of parameters that weren’t aligned. Despite this unexpected change of events, the wrestling community is excited for Mercedes Mone’s next chapter in her path.

An user from Twitter Updated; “When Mercedes Moné appeared in the crowd at AEW: All In, #AEW sources indicated there was a tentative plan for the two sides to work together when Moné was no longer injured. But at the beginning of December, those plans were no longer active, and the two sides were “far apart on terms,”  an article from mentioned.

Athena desires a fantasy match against Mercedes Mone

Many wrestlers have been anxious to challenge Mercedes Martinez in the ring ever since she became a free agent. One of them is Athena, the ROH Women’s Champion, who recently stated on the Under The Ring podcast that she would love to face Martinez in a dream match. The whole wrestling world is buzzing with excitement ahead of this titanic match, which promises to be an incredible bout that fans can’t wait to see.

Athena said; “Absolutely, who wouldn’t want more universally known talent, right? Like Giulia from STARDOM or Mercedes Mone, Trinity, there’s so many beautiful talented women out there who I’ve been dying to get my hands on, including those that work in the company now like Jamie Hayter. It’s really cool what AEW and ROH have done, bringing in that outside talent. Ronda Rousey was here a few weeks ago. It’s really cool to have the opportunity to not be limited to just our roster at times,” an article from mentioned.

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