The injured toe of Aaron Judge, the current American League MVP, has kept him out of action since June 4. He slammed into the wall at Dodger Stadium to preserve a few runs, which resulted in the injury.

Although there is no set date for his return, Judge has stated that he intends to do so after the All-Star break. Even though the Yankees are leading the AL East, they have had trouble playing without Judge. His arrival would significantly increase the team’s chances of making the playoffs.

Bret Boone, a former major leaguer and brother of Aaron Judge, has heard rumors that the slugger would make his toe injury recovery before the All-Star break. Despite not confirming the rumors, Aaron Boone, Boone’s manager, has expressed hope that Judge will return soon.

The Yankees have struggled without Judge in the lineup, so they need his output. The Yankees’ chances of making the postseason will significantly improve if Judge does come back after the break.

The Yankees are anxious for Aaron Judge to come back. The Yankee’s offense has been among the worst in baseball without him, although he is one of the game’s top hitters. The Yankees will be a much more dangerous team if Judge can quickly recover.

“I’m hearing some grumblings that he could be back right after the All-Star break, so we’ll see if I’m right.” Bret Boone said in an article from shared.

The top outfielder for the Yankees, Aaron Judge, may be coming back sooner rather than later, according to Aaron Judge’s brother. The Yankees begin the second half of the season against the Colorado Rockies, and Judge has been increasing his baseball activities. Although there is no set date for his comeback, Judge’s brother’s remarks imply that he might be back in the starting lineup soon.

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