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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Vladimir Tarasenko UFA contract: $7.5 million cap hit (Blues retained 50%)

The Icy Maestro of the Rink! With lightning speed and a lethal shot, Tarasenko weaves a symphony on ice, mesmerizing fans and confounding goalies alike. He dances through defenders, his stick an extension of his artistic soul, orchestrating jaw-dropping goals with a flick of his wrist. Opponents tremble at the mere sight of his number 91 jersey, for they know that Tarasenko’s mastery of the puck transforms the game into a spellbinding performance.

NHL fans are abuzz as rumors circulate about Vladimir Tarasenko’s possible signing with the Carolina Hurricanes, potentially bringing his explosive talent to a new powerhouse team. Stay tuned as the ice awaits its next game-changing move.

Season Contract Details Base Salary Cap Hit
2022-23 $7.5 million cap hit (Blues retained 50%) $5.5 million $3.75 million
Points 574
Games Played 675
Points 64
Games Played 97

Witness the birth of a hockey legend. Vladimir Tarasenko, chosen 16th overall by the St. Louis Blues, stormed into the NHL with an unforgettable debut. Two shots, two goals, and a resounding victory over the Detroit Red Wings. This rookie sensation’s talent was undeniable, earning him the NHL’s Rookie of the Month title with an explosive performance of five goals and four assists. Tarasenko’s star is rising, and the world of hockey is taking notice.

In a mesmerizing display of skill and finesse, hockey sensation Vladimir Tarasenko etched his name in NHL history. On that fateful October night in 2014, Tarasenko, donning the St. Louis Blues jersey, unleashed an unstoppable storm upon the Dallas Stars, leaving veteran goaltender Kari Lehtonen in awe. Tarasenko secured his first-ever NHL hat trick with three lightning-fast goals, sending shockwaves through the league. But his brilliance did not end there.

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Over the course of that week, he tallied an impressive total of five goals and one assist, catapulting him to the coveted position of the NHL’s First Star of the Week. As the regular season unfolded, Tarasenko’s prowess remained unrivaled, solidifying his status as the Blues’ leading goal scorer, with an astounding 37 goals. Yet, his insatiable hunger for greatness was not satiated.

During Game 2 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals against the formidable Minnesota Wild, Tarasenko elevated his game to new heights in the heat of the Stanley Cup playoffs. With an undeniable determination and an artist’s touch, he achieved his first career hat trick in the intense crucible of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Vladimir Tarasenko had arrived, leaving an indelible mark on the sport he loved, captivating fans worldwide with his extraordinary talent and unyielding spirit.

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