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Paolo Maldini disses Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that he “has less magic” than Maradona and Nazario

AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini, one of the greatest defenders in football history, expressed his opinion that Diego Maradona and Ronaldo Nazario possessed more magic than Cristiano Ronaldo. Maldini, who played against all three players during his illustrious career, acknowledged the undeniable talents of Ronaldo but highlighted the extraordinary flair and mesmerizing abilities of Maradona and Ronaldo Nazario.

While Ronaldo has achieved remarkable success and showcased his exceptional skills on the pitch, Maldini believes that Maradona and Ronaldo Nazario possessed a certain level of magic that set them apart. It is a subjective assessment based on Maldini’s personal experience and admiration for the incredible talents of these football legends.

Maldini’s Revelation: Maradona and Ronaldo Nazario Trump Cristiano Ronaldo in Magic

He competed against Maradona early in his career, Ronaldo Nazario throughout his peak, and Cristiano Ronaldo near the end. The Italian stated while describing the top attackers he has encountered

“He and Ronaldo, the Brazilian, are the strongest. I didn’t play against Messi, thank God. CR7 is a great striker, but he has less magic than the other two.”

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“I was fast and physically strong, but they were even faster. Diego was also very nice: when they nominated him in the Hall of Fame, I was ashamed for having given him so many blows, and I apologized”, Tutto Juve said in an article from Sportskeeda.

Alessandro Nesta’s Surprise: Ronaldo Nazario Chosen Over Messi and Ronaldo

Alessandro Nesta, a former teammate of Paolo Maldini, is one of the elite central defenders. He is regarded as one of the sport’s all-time best defenders.
Playing for teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Inter Milan during his illustrious career. Additionally, he has won the Ballon d’Or and the FIFA World Cup.

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Although he accomplished a lot, one could say that because of his fitness concerns, fans were denied the opportunity to watch the Brazilian for a longer period of time despite his career being plagued by ailments.

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