Thomas Tuchel

The legendary Champions League winner and Premier League manager, Thomas Tuchel was recently spotted in Kerala, India yesterday. It has been more than a month after his sacking from Chelsea and ever since he was gone, the Premier League has gotten a little quieter than it should be. 

A netizen said that he looks tall, granted that the 49-year-old German is 190 cm tall. Currently, on paper it appears that Tuchel is going through a tough time as his divorce is ongoing this year in addition to what happened with Chelsea.

However, according to some reports, he has been vacationing with his new girlfriend since July. One of the lesser known stories about him was that there was a cast of doubt between him and the players while this whole drama was brewing. Some claimed that towards the end of his tenure at Chelsea, he was a difficult character to deal with. 

Thomas Tuchel in India

Netizens who are on Tuchel’s side said that he actually looks happy in the photos and seems to be in a better place. A number of Chelsea fans from India were touched that Tuchel found his way to India. Some are speculating that he might even be the new coach for Kerala’s football club. 


Another Twitter post showed a video of him walking in the airport with a trolley. In the audio you can clearly hear a fan requesting for a picture together. The comments under that video were quite funny as a fan posted a photo of a penguin in a grassy area claiming that he is in the wrong side of the world. 

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A funny remark was that a photograph of a polar bear in Texas was implied towards him being in a warm Asian country. Some claimed that he will be in India for only three weeks to practice yoga. 

According to the Indian press, he is there to undergo an Ayurvedic treatment to fix his knees. Apparently, he stopped playing football at the age of 25 due to a chronic knee injury. However, the treatment isn’t linked to the knees but is linked to the digestive system. 

Young and ‘hot’ Tuchel getting traction


There were more tweets regarding the former Chelsea manager, and one fan tweeted a few photographs of him when he was younger. A number of fans stated that he was still ‘hot’ back then. Some even commented that he looked like a 1990s model and that he is an amazing man. 

Rejecting other Premier League jobs 


According to the SportsBible Twitter account, Tuchel has rejected numerous opportunities to rejoin the Premier League as a manager. Fans were speculating which teams were turned down, some stated that it could have been the Wolves or Liecester. 

There were even some fans stating that his actual ‘dream’ job is to be the manager for England during the World Cup. However, the tough history between Germany and England may prove it otherwise, but this is all just fan speculations. 

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