Alejandro Garnacho

The superstar senior of Manchester United has recently followed the young player, Alejandro Garnacho on Instagram. United fans found the social media interaction to be a touching one as it shows that the team is close knitted. 

But it is also a historic moment that would never have happened without social media platforms that allow a transparent way for people to express themselves.

In the case of Ronaldo and Garnacho, it is the top player who is at the end of his football career who made a great overture towards a young player who is starting his career.

Ronaldo’s pass in the Manchester United versus Real Sociedad match is a pass that opened the door to scoring for Garnacho at European level. Garnacho will never forget both moments.

Garnacho joined the club all the way back in 2020. He was only 16 at the time. He represented Spain at the under-18 level and debuted for Argentina at the under-20 level. The Madrid born player has an impressive resume for an 18-year-old.   

Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer who has a record of almost 500 million followers on Instagram currently follows just 522 people. He follows quite a number of people but they are probably the ones he knows personally. 

However, for Garnacho, he is literally one in a million as the following-followers ratio of Ronaldo’s Instagram page proves that. Currently, he has almost two million followers on Instagram. Still quite impressive for an upcoming player nonetheless. 

Netizens were surprised with the fact that he takes inspiration from Ronaldo instead of Lionel Messi. This is due to his links with Argentina, and he apparently chose Ronaldo to be his inspiration by “following his heart.” 

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Some even claimed that the Portuguese player sees himself in Garnacho. Regardless of his problems in United, people are still showing respect to Cristiano. Many are stating that his close relationship with Antony and now Alejandro proves that he is an inspiration to the youth in the club. 

Garnacho celebrates using Ronaldo’s signature gesture 


On Twitter, netizens went wild as the youngster was photographed following Ronaldo’s footsteps by doing his favourite pose. This specific pose that made the 37-year-old legend a trendsetter all across Portugal with even newscasters copying it. 

It appears that he is a trendsetter in Manchester United as well. “Whether you call him finished or not, you can’t deny his influence is unreal,” said a netizen. Some were accusing him of paying Garnacho to make the same pose, but they were shut down by other netizens. 

However, there were superfans bashing Lionel Messi instead by saying that Ronaldo is the true Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T). Others stated that he is literally walking in the footsteps of his idol and getting the proper guidance from him on top of that. 

During the Europa league match, Ronaldo’s pass to Garnacho helped him score the only goal of the game as Manchester United beat Real Sociedad on Thursday..

It was the 18-year-old’s first senior goal for the club as he latched onto Ronaldo’s pass before finishing brilliantly with his left foot and later, footage showed Garnacho asking Ronaldo if he could do his new celebration – which he then did.

A Manchester United fan criticised Ronaldo by calling him “Penaldo” and made an interesting short story about pens and lecturers. It is undoubtedly creative, and some might even question the death of poetry while reading it. 

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