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The drama between Ronaldo and Ten Hag has been slowly escalating, some football fans claim that Ronaldo is being a “diva” but some also stated that Ten Hag has a certain preference towards his players as well. 

Ten Hag’s statement about Ronaldo

Erik ten Hag openly stated that he has “punished” the world renowned superstar as he did not “uphold” the standards for Manchester United. This intensified the situation when he declined to join the game vs Tottenham as a substitute. 

It appears that the 37-year-old Portuguese player has finally received his dues from the Dutchman. As stated in our recent article about the whole incident, Ten Hag did say he would “deal” with Ronaldo afterwards. 

“I am the manager, I am responsible for top spot culture here and I have to set standards and values and I have to control them,” Ten Hag told the British press

‘In the team, we have values and standards and I have to control that. After Vallecano, I told him it was unacceptable but not just him, everyone, this is the second time, there are consequences.

“We miss him tomorrow, it’s a miss for the squad but it’s important for the attitude and mentality of the group and now we have to focus on Chelsea as that is important.

“I think it will have a (time for) reflection for him, but also for everyone else, I sent a warning at the start of the season, next time there have to be consequences otherwise when you are living together when you are playing together, football is a team sport and you have to fulfil certain standards. And I have to control it.”

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Ronaldo’s support from Marcelo 


Marcelo, who is a Brazilian player that plays left back for Olympiacos and is regarded as one of the greatest left backs of all time, came to Instagram to show his support to his peer. This created havoc on social media. 

Netizens’ reaction towards this particular situation was a positive one, for the most part. It is said that one of the reasons why he is the greatest left back is that he has everyones back. This was said even after Ronaldo was ranked the “worst” player for United recently. 

“Marcelo has always been a real one, love him for that,” said a netizen. There were indeed slanders against Ronaldo, claiming that he deserves the bench, while others hit back stating that Messi also deserves it. 

The comment was posted on Ronaldo’s Instagram account where he shared his side of the story. Furthermore, apart from being a household name, he has almost 500 million followers on Instagram, more than even popular K-Pop group BlackPink which has only roughly 10% of the amount of followers he has. 

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