The obvious problems lurking with Erik ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo have been discussed several times on our site and also among football fans. It was apparent throughout the past few weeks that Ronaldo was looking at every opportunity to leave United.

Unfortunately for Ronaldo’s career, he did not get any offers from other European clubs, but got offers from the Middle East. Furthermore, with the situation he is in, he doesn’t get the chance to perform well as his time on the field is extremely limited. 

Last week’s incident of him leaving the stadium early during a Manchester United vs Tottenham sparked waves. What was Erik ten Hag’s approach? Humiliating Ronaldo publicly in the media by stating that he will “punish” the world renown player, as if such a move would improve their already strained relationship.  Ronaldo was also fined for two weeks’ salary and made to train on his own.

Manchester United’s financial issues

Now, according to the Atlantic, United has a grave concern when it comes to money. The topic of dividends was a hot topic for the club and the rationale on why club funds were given to shareholders instead were brought up.

The response that was given from the Glazers was that the team as a company lost £115.5 million. Dividends totaling £33.6 million were distributed among stockholders, with the Glazers receiving the majority of the funds. 

Manchester United also took another £40 million on available overdrafts, adding to United’s financial load. The club did think of finding a loophole in terminating Ronaldo’s contract, as he is the highest paid player in the team, and it appears that they can’t afford him. 

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This is only if Ronaldo is willing to forgo his pay for six months. It is unclear if he would be willing to do that or not. Maybe this could be the reason why Ten Hag is obviously giving him the short end of the stick, in order for him to terminate his contract earlier than expected? 

Ten Hag’s remarks on Ronaldo 


After the whole ordeal that happened last week, Ten Hag removed Ronaldo for their match against Chelsea, and Manchester United was also charged by the FA for that match. Now he stated that Ronaldo was removed for only one match and will continue to play for the other matches. 

Questions arise on his statement as commenters are asking “which part of the match” will Ronaldo be playing. Will it go back to the same problem that was apparent from before, where the legend will be called for a 2 minute play on the field, or will it be an improved situation from before. 

Netizens are stating that Manchester United’s coaches have forgotten his contribution to the team in the last Premier League season. Ten Hag defenders claim that Cristiano is out of shape and not fit to play the field (as though they’re the experts). 

“Ten Hag has no plan for Cristiano Ronaldo, stating that he is important to the team is just a professional statement,” said a netizen. Others are accusing Ten Hag of gaslighting the whole situation, if the 37-year-old scores, he inspired him, if he doesn’t score, it was right for him to be benched. 

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Many are stating that having Ronaldo on board is still a positive outlook for the club as he will definitely inspire younger players to follow in his footsteps. Case in point, Antony, who is still a fresh player but has been reportedly close to him. 

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