Harry Maguire who is facing strong criticism for his playing skills got further roasted while playing for England in the Nations League. 

He has, however, brushed off all the criticism. Previously, even his family came to the rescue of the Manchester United player, giving him more reasons to ignore or dismiss the claims against him. 

According to the Manchester United Facebook fan page, Luke Shaw commented on Harry Maguire that: “He is an amazing player, an amazing character. He’s taken a lot of stick – probably more than I’ve ever seen before in football.

“He never hides away, he’s always there. You can have people who can hide away and not want to be in the spotlight. He keeps putting himself in the spotlight, it shows the strength and character he’s got.

“Everybody knows he’s an unbelievable player. At the moment the confidence might not be there because it could feel like the whole world is against him.”

But the Facebook pages like these are actually contributing to the attacks against Maguire. And comments like these from his colleagues or friends are not helping him at all.

In fact, Maguire is the object of satire online and there is now a plethora of memes depicting him as a player who lost his mojo but who is still dreaming of a supposed glorious individual time. The internet can be disastrous for people like Maguire.

Comments from the Facebook page above are that Maguire is not a bad football player, but at the same time he is not fit to be a Manchester United player. 

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Another user stated that he is not rude because people are against him but everyone is against him because he is rude. “The more I see him, the more I wonder why Manchester United paid £80 million for him,” states a netizen

Southgate in trouble

Another post on ESPN’s Facebook shared Gary Southgate’s assurance to the masses that Maguire is a good player and he was selected solely based on his skills. 

The comment section of that post was wild, with one user commenting, “When a coach wants to get sacked, this is how they behave.”

One comment reads: “Gareth Southgate is trying to give Harry Maguire a confidence boost, but the question is, does Maguire even believe in himself?” 

This was followed by “I understand that a coach has to stand up for his players but Maguire is just a mediocre defender that can act as a substitute.” 

Following those two posts, a parody of a Manchester United fan club page posted Maguire’s stats claiming that he is the greatest defender of all time and that Southgate was right in choosing him for the World Cup. 

Comments followed by the statement of the post were brutal, “worst defender ever. I will celebrate for weeks once he leaves Manchester United.” 

Next, a comment states “he was responsible for the first two German goals.” That was referring to the World Cup preliminaries that happened recently.

A viral Facebook post states that he was booed when his name was read out after the clash with Germany. “Not nice but he brought it on himself, he has been underperforming for a year but instead of admitting to it, he blames external factors.” 

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A comment that would definitely sting would be, “Maguire practically gave the Germans a penalty as a reward.” 

A fan wrote that as a Manchester United fan for over 30 years, he can’t bring himself to support a player like Maguire.

However there are comments that were in his defence too and they state “Maguire is a great player, he just needs more support from Manchester United fans.” 

A United fan defends him, saying that the hate he is receiving is getting out of hand, he has been a well performing player for Manchester United for years and the hate he is getting is not deserving.

Harry Maguire is not the same player as he was two years ago, but it does not give anyone the right to turn on him but like we said, the internet can be harsh and he is now a famous meme. 

“Mental health awareness for football players is just as important as any other person’s mental health, spare a second for your thoughts and imagine yourself in his position.” This statement was made by a Manchester United fan.

Harry Maguire was struggling in the eye-opening England vs Germany 3-3 match

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