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The sad decision for Chelsea to let go one of their most legendary managers, Thomas Tuchel has been sparking debates. Graham Potter, who is meant to replace Tuchel, was in hot waters when he first took control of the Blues. 

Potter was widely criticised for appearing too ‘relaxed’ towards players especially after a loss. The transition from Tuchel to Potter was not a smooth one, and fans were calling the new manager, Harry Potter just like the wizard. 

However, in recent development, there were some Chelsea winnings and many have attributed them to his managerial skills. Now that they are in the top four of the Premier League, things seem to be well under control even without Tuchel in the picture. 

Netizen’s viewpoints on Potter

On Facebook, a netizen made a triggering statement which read “Graham potter is better than Thomas tuchel on substitution.” That led to a whole new can of worms opening among Chelsea fans, let alone football fans in general. 

Fans claimed that he took a gamble during the match but they are glad that Chelsea won it anyways. Another Chelsea fan stated that it’s just a happy grace period for him, when the real test comes Chelsea fans will criticise him without mercy again. 

Some are even stating that the original poster is right with what they said, as Tuchel has always lacked the ability in analysing a proper substitute when a player is taken off the field. 

Tuchel will wait and actually substitute the players during the 75th – 78th minute, which is completely different from the current manager. 

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Another commenter claimed that Chelsea’s new manager was “racist” as he did not pay attention towards the Black players Chelsea has. Others slammed that comment as there are other White players that are still on the bench under Potter’s direction. 

Potter recycling Tuchel’s strategy


Netizens on Twitter stated that Graham in a recent match has re-used Tuchel’s 3-4-3 strategy. The tweet then looked a little backhanded as the original poster stated that Potter has adapted an old strategy for his first big campaign.

Thomas Tuchel
Chelsea’s German head coach Thomas Tuchel speaks during a press conference at the Stamford Bridge stadium, in London, on April 5, 2022 on the eve of the UEFA Champions League first leg quarter-final football match against Real Madrid. (Photo by Glyn KIRK / AFP)

Others fought back in defence of him as good managers would build on what their predecessors built. Tuchel built the team on Lampard’s foundation and it’s only right that the new manager follows it rather than revamping the whole team’s structure. 

“Taking a formation the team is comfortable with, and adapting to make it more aggressive, then winning 3-0. I’ll take that,” said a netizen. It is true as this adaptation strategy has helped Chelsea win matches lately. 

Graham’s glow up 


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A TikTok video from Versus showed how his look changed from before and after joining Chelsea. Many are claiming that he has ‘glowed’ up since joining the club, especially that he looks better now. 

“Well, he joined a good looking football club,” said a netizen. Another comment promoting Chelsea of being a good influence towards him is “The Chelsea effect ?.” It appears that he is almost as popular as Tuchel was.

As mentioned before, Chelsea fans are usually quite mature and rational. They know Tuchel may not return to the club anytime soon, and it appears that he will always have a special place in the team but at the same time, embracing the team’s new manager is just as important as remembering the past. 

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