Chelsea stays bottom in Champions League after 1-1 Salzburg draw


The all new Thomas Tuchel’s replacement, Graham Potter who has just joined Chelsea was either just a spectator or participant during the Champions League match. Fans had more hope for his coaching skills for the team as they were on the rise during the early days of the Premier League season.  

Salzburg had only 15 minutes left for their game and they have been subpar for most of the game. However, even so, they managed to snatch a draw with Chelsea. Chelsea, under Tuchel’s strict control, was more coordinated and practically feared on the field, but now even Salzburg can silence Chelsea.

Junior Adamu who was a substitute, came running for an exchange, and passed the ball from the back and had Noah Okafar accepting the ball. Then following that, Thaigo Silva lost possession of the ball and it went past the goalkeeper.

News reports stated that Potter should have noticed that Chelsea can perform better and would have scored if they had more focus. It was noted that Chelsea had the chance to score more goals, to the point that it was an easy match for them but they still failed to do so.On the other hand, Okafor managed a save from Arrizabalaga two minutes earlier with a flicked header.

Having just one player carrying the team is not enough, and Potter revealed that he has never watched or even participated in a match in the Champions League. Now he realises upon the difficulty being in the league, even when playing against a team that is not usually on the same tier as Chelsea, they would still stand a chance to get a whacking from their opponent.

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Regardless of the situation, Graham Potter congratulated his team for the hard work that they have put in place. “The players gave everything,” he stated. “I was proud with how they acted, it’s not been easy with a change of coach and everything that comes with that but their response has been brilliant. From an effort perspective, it was 100% there.”

On the other hand, football fans on Twitter had much less nicer thoughts than Potter would expect. Firstly, a meme account posted a photo of Jennifer Aniston in Friends and said that she has more points than Chelsea during this Champions League season. The replies to that photo are quite dreadful and are definitely against Potter. 

The most popular joke against Potter was calling him ‘Harry Potter.’ Fans claim that Potter lost his wand for the match, and thus Chelsea couldn’t win without his ‘magic’. Others are saying that the Europa League is calling Chelsea as they can’t even beat the lower ranking teams in the Champions League. 

Another fan stated that Chelsea’s Boehly should encourage Potter to buy Harry Maguire and thus the ‘Harry Potter’ combo would then be completed. Chelsea fans stated that they want Potter gone as he had his chance already. 


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