Manchester City has destroyed Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United in a single match that showed why City is the best among the Manchester clubs now.

After Erik ten Hag’s famed team got a beating that they did not foresee, Manchester United’s Ten hag was scrutinised for not placing Cristiano Ronaldo on the field. He insisted on leaving Ronaldo out of this to not further damage the 37-year-old’s career. 

“I wouldn’t bring him in out of respect for Cristiano, for his big career,” Ten Hag told ESPN.

“The other thing was the advantage that I could bring on Anthony Martial. He needs the minutes, but I don’t want to point it out like that.”

“It’s quite simple, it’s a lack of belief,” Ten Hag added.

“When you don’t believe on the pitch, then you can’t win games; that is unacceptable. We get undisciplined at following rules and you get hammered, that’s happened today.

“All the credit to City, but it’s nothing to do with City, our performance was not good. It had to do with the belief as individuals and as a team.

“From the first minute I felt it, and at half-time we changed things and we changed our attitude.

“In this moment I can’t think about the positives. We let our fans down, we let ourselves down and we’re hugely disappointed.”

Netizen’s response to the whole debacle 

On Twitter, it was shared that Man United was getting eaten alive by Haaland and other Man City players. A post was made by Goal showing a photograph of Pep Guardiola smiling. Netizens’ response to the tweet was showing a video of a wrestling match with a big guy (representative of Haaland) and United’s defence (a person quarter the size of the opponent).

Others were showing footage of United fans leaving the stadium in droves with a statement “well they’ve seen enough.” Another netizen stated that many United fans claim their losses were due to Ronaldo not being there, but in reality he was there for a 4-0 beating. 

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There was a meme posted with two United players G. Jesus and Martinelli together, with both number 9 and 11 standing next to each other. The user then captioned the tweet with “somebody call 911.” This is referenced to the burn that Manchester United suffered. 

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