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After Thomas Tuchel’s departure from Chelsea, the players apparently had somewhat of a warm up time with Graham Potter but is there trouble in Potter’s paradise. Initially when he took control of the team, they lost and he said that he would just keep on encouraging them to play better in the upcoming matches. 

It is true that Potter is a completely different coach from the former Tuchel and that he tries to successfully implement the former coach’s strategy while tweaking it. Many stated that it is a commendable response to do so. 

Potter needs time to adjust himself when it comes to running a major Premier League club along with the harsher conditions while having more on stake. Unfortunately, according to Chelsea’s fan page on Facebook, it appears that the Blues are having trouble in paradise. 

Chelsea’s injured players 

Apparently, under Tuchel’s strict reign, a subsequent number of his players were selected to join the FIFA 2022 World Cup. For obvious reasons, Tuchel complained heavily against the decision as the players would still need to focus on the Premier League and the Champions League. 

Now, unfortunately a number of these players might not even be joining the World Cup as they are currently injured. There are four of them and Chelsea fans are not too happy with the situation. 

According to Football London, the list of injured players are Ben Chilwell, Reece James, Wesley Fofana and N’Golo Kante. Regardless of the World Cup, Chelsea relies on them quite a bit and for them to be absent even in Premier League matches would be quite bad for the team. 

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One of their fans stated that Chelsea needs a change in management in order for incidents like this to happen less frequently. There is a clear sign that there is a management issue as there might be some internal problems with the medical staff and fitness coaches. 

Furthermore, the fan stated that the medical staff need to be relooked at again due to the stark number of injuries. Other fans agree that this is bad news for the team and others hope that they will come back stronger than ever. 

Two straight Premier League losses for Chelsea 

Another problem that is being faced by the Blues is that they have two straight losses in the Premier League. Furthermore, they have accumulated only two points out of the possible 12 points in their last four league matches. 

A fan commented that Potter is still the “best boss” for Tuchel haters and the new owner of Chelsea. The fan then added that Tuchel is innocent and did the best he could for Chelsea, adding that Chelsea should learn a “lesson” for sacking the German manager. 

More criticisms were sent towards Potter’s direction as fans said his coaching skills are “useless” and another stated that Potter is not Chelsea material. They claim that Potter has never won any major trophies and a team such as the Blues’ stature must have a qualified manager that knows how to win. 

The criticism he is currently facing is one of the most intense for a manager. Furthermore, this is adding to the fact that the new owners are not that well liked by the fans. Other fans joked that the team will play just the Champions League and not the Premier League at all. 

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Emphasis on the fact that fans still love Tuchel and regard him as their hero. They are adamant that sacking the German man was wrong and should not have happened. Others were begging for Zidane to come aboard as a manager if Boehly is still adamant against bringing Tuchel back. 

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