Ali Reza Beiranvand

It was reported that Ali Beiranvand, the goalkeeper for Iran had his nose injured whilst colliding into a teammate during their opener. To top it off, the Iran vs England ended badly for the Middle Eastern country, where Iran lost in the 6-2 match.

He deflected a cross but while deflecting it, he bumped into Majid Hosseini. There was an emergency stop to the match and Beiranvand was immediately treated in the pitch for a couple of minutes by the team’s medical staff. 

Later on he was allowed to continue to represent Iran regardless of having a bloodied nose and clothing. He also appeared disoriented. He collapsed to the turf shortly after the game started and it was signalled to the bench that he needed to be replaced. 

A remark was made by the Professional Footballers’ Association which was, “We have seen a clear example, on the world’s biggest stage, of the current concussion protocols not being applied under match pressure.”

Fans reaction towards Ali Beiranvand’s broken nose

These are the images after Beiranvand’s collision with Majid Hosseini. He had tissue paper clogging up his nose in order for it to stop bleeding. It is unclear why he was still allowed to go on field after such a horrible injury, but we might never know. 

FIFA has been called an “utter disgrace” by a leading head injury charity organisation. Fans’ response was sarcastic, they claimed that the two players “hardly touched” each other, when in reality, the photos showed otherwise. 

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The criticism against FIFA has increased after this incident. However, fans are no longer surprised at their actions and behaviours as they have done a lot of damage as it is for this year’s World Cup. 

Iran fans protested during the match 

If the situation with Beiranvand was not bad enough, Iranian fans protested against the brutality of the country’s regime. Iranians who attended the match demanded human rights for women in the country. 

Ali Reza Beiranvand
Image of Ali Reza Beiranvand (right), from Wikipedia.

Other football fans criticised Kane and their stance for the LGBT community and mentioned that he should have fought for a cause like this. Another fan asked a question which was regarding all the protests in the Qatar World Cup, as it is filled with the LGBT protests, womens rights protest and labour rights. 

The question after that was why was Qatar even selected. FIFA would have most definitely known that this might be an issue for the westerners.  Fans were hoping that England would lose the match, but unfortunately, they won. 

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