Watch football without a beer in hand!

ONE of the special beauties of World Cup football is to enjoy some liquor as you watch the big matches. Holding a beer gives you a “high” and allows you to probably make a lot more noise!

This even shocked former award-winning Singapore coach Jita Singh, who’s in Qatar with his family: “Yes, I’m taken unawares too as this has never happened before. I hope FIFA’s decision to ban the sale of alcoholic beer will not dampen the atmosphere at the games.”

ONLY SOLD IN FAN ZONES Now nowhere around any of the eight World Cup stadiums will liquor be available. FIFA gave no reason for the stunning U-turn on the matter but media reports said there had been an intervention by Qatar’s ruling family.

A Fifa statement said alcohol would be sold only in fan zones, “removing sales points of beer from Qatar’s Fifa World Cup 2022 stadium perimeters”.