Vastrakar’s run-out in the Women’s Asia Cup causes controversy


The decision to remove Pooja Vastrakar from the game during the second Women’s Asia Cup match between India and Sri Lanka on Saturday raised some controversy. Shivani Mishra, the third umpire, was vilified by the crowd for the contentious decision.


  • The Sri Lankan team protested Vastrakar’s dismissal during the 20th over.
  • When Richa Ghosh was dismissed at the conclusion of the 19th over, Vastrakar entered the crease.
  • Before making this determination, the third umpire carefully reviewed the television footage.

What had taken place in the Asia Cup match?

In the 20th over of India’s innings, Pooja Vastrakar run out, and the Sri Lankan team appealed. The field umpire passed the appeal forward to the television umpire. When the third umpire made the announcement, the crowd was miffed.

Pooja Vastrakar stepped onto the crease after Richa Ghosh was dismissed at the conclusion of the 19th over. A 145/5 was given to India. Pooja, who is renowned for her strong strokes, was given the chance to play six balls. But she was instructed to go back to the hut after the fifth ball.

The third umpire watched the TV clip several times, frame by frame, before rendering this decision. In the photograph taken just before the bails were removed from the wicket, Vastrakar’s bat can be seen inside the crease line. The TV commentator had likewise ruled it not out, even though the TV umpire had reached a different conclusion.

Even the Sri Lankan athletes appeared surprised by this choice. The ground umpire used a walkie-talkie to communicate with the TV umpire when he called out despite the outcome being shown on the big screen.

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Here is how Yuvraj Singh responded to the social media uproar caused by Vastrakar’s run-out:

Shortly after the choice was made, former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh tweeted about it. He observed: “That was such a poor call by the third umpire! Pooja Vastrakar should have been given the benefit of the doubt, in my opinion!”

The third umpire, Shivani Mishra, disqualified Pooja Vastrakar for running. Later, 49-year-old Shivani, a native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, joined the Qatari team. She has performed her duties as an umpire in 11 T20 Internationals and three Women’s T20 Internationals thus far in her career.

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