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Floyd Mayweather responds to criticism regarding exhibition boxing contests

Regarding the criticism of his most recent exhibition boxing contests, Floyd Mayweather doesn’t give a damn.

‘Money’ ended his career as a professional boxer in 2017 after defeating Conor McGregor via knockout. He stopped competing in official, professional competitions, but he never stopped making money.

In recent times, exhibition matches, rather than professional contests, have brought in money for the unbeaten legend. Even while there are still punches thrown during displays, they resemble sparring sessions rather than actual fights. Winners will still be announced, but only if the fight is decided by a finish.

In a recent show, the former champion teamed up with boxer-turned-YouTuber Deji Olatunji. It goes without saying that Mayweather demolished “The Tank” on his way to a sixth-round knockout. As spectators made fun of the fight’s competitiveness, several videos of the altercation became viral online.

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Floyd Mayweather has faced ridicule before for taking part in exhibition matches, and it is probable that he will face it again. The legend responded to criticism in a press conference following the bout, especially from those who said the contests were harming his reputation.

From Mayweather’s perspective, legacy does not allow him to eat. He said in the press conference:

People frequently comment that Floyd must participate in exhibitions, but my philosophy is to constantly seek out new sources of revenue. Priority is given to currency over heritage. Priority is given to currency over heritage. Do not doubt that I can lead a wonderful life even if I never perform in another exhibition again.

Deji Olatunji talks about Floyd Mayweather’s disparaging remarks about him

Even if Floyd Mayweather doesn’t participate in professional fights, he still wants to win.

Money currently has a 3-0 (2 no contest) record in exhibition matches. Only two opponents have so far been able to outlast Mayweather, namely Don Moore and Logan Paul.

It is important to remember that “The Maverick” was substantially bigger than the previous champion. However, despite being consistently outclassed, “Dangerous” was able to find enough moments of success to last the entire eight rounds, probably as a result of his time spent working out with Mayweather.

Not as fortunate was “The Tank,” who was defeated after six rounds of being completely dominated. Even though it wasn’t a professional bout, the YouTuber received the whole Floyd Mayweather experience, along with a lot of trash-talking.

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