It appears that the choice to implement a number of noteworthy adjustments during the 2023–2024 campaign was a wise one. The NBA games drew an average of 18,208 spectators per game in November 2023, the greatest November attendance average ever, according to recently released figures.

Changes in the tournament

Numerous unexpected changes were implemented by the organization when the new NBA season began.  Among those adjustments was the inclusion of an in-season competition that split the 30 teams into six groups. 

As of right now, the competition has just concluded its group stage and has moved on to the knockout stages, where, ultimately, one team will win the NBA Cup and its players will each receive a whopping $500,000.

Not only this, at the end of the inaugural in-season tournament, the league will also hand out prestigious awards such as the “MVP of the competition” and the “All-Tournament Team,” as per NBA

The LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, and Boston Celtics are the eight teams that have qualified for the knockout rounds.

All sixty-seven games from both stages of the In-Season Tournament will be taken into account for determining the regular-season rankings, with the exception of the December 9 Championship that will be held in Las Vegas.

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NBA’s brightly-colored courts

Furthermore, the league also unveiled before the start of the tournament that they would be using new brightly-colored courts in place of the traditional wood design.

While some made fun of the courts and called it ‘hideous’, others found them to be somewhat “appealing.”

As per CNN, the ball court designs have even helped the NBA increase its viewership.

An NBA spokesperson, Jacinda Ortiz, stated that the courts’ distinctive designs were intended to entice not only enthusiasts but also anyone who was just switching across channels from the comfort of their home.

“The notion was to ensure that people would see the courts [and] would instantly recognize that was something different was happening,” said Oriz, via CNN Philippines.

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