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Giannis Antetokounmpo is ranked first in the most recent NBA rankings published by ESPN, followed by Nikola Jokic, the current league MVP, at position number two. Fourth-placed Luka Doncic is followed by triple-citizen Joel Embiid. The worldwide hegemony at the top is broken by Stephen Curry, who ranks No. 5, and Jayson Tatum, who ranks No. 6. In the power rankings for this season, the NBA’s diversity is highlighted.

NBA fans are on the edge of their seats as Kevin Durant and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander secure the seventh and eighth slots in the NBA’s gripping drama of skill and rivalry.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the legendary Lakers team, finish the job at the ninth and tenth positions by adding an exciting new chapter to the story of basketball supremacy. In this thrilling story of skill and cooperation, the stage has been set, and everyone is waiting to see what happens next.

A Twitter user posted; “Jokic is better than Giannis, what is this,”

the other one posted; “They don’t even have jokic number 1 lmao. Why should I take this list serious,” an article from shared.

NBA Fans on ESPN Top 10

The sports world was shocked by ESPN’s highly anticipated top 10 rankings, which featured undisputed megastars. But many outstanding performers were left off the list, and others didn’t even make it into the top 20 or 30.

As a result of the discrepancy in selections, die-hard supporters and experts began to question the standards used by ESPN journalists, which led to spirited discussions on what, exactly, constitutes brilliance on the field or court.

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Sr. No Rank Player Team
1 11 Devin Booker Phoenix Suns
2 12 Jimmy Butler Miami Heat
3 14 Damian Lillard Milwaukee Bucks
4 18 Paul George Miami Heat
5 19 Jaylen Brown Milwaukee Bucks
6 24 Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers
7 26 Jrue Holiday Boston Celtics
8 34 Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets
9 35 Ja Morant Memphis Grizzlies
10 41 Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
11 43 James Harden Philadelphia 76rs


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