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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Derek Jeter on current baseball analytics: “You can’t always take a player from Milwaukee and plug him into New York… there are different constraints.”

Derek Jeter left his position as the Miami Marlins’ CEO in February 2022 after serving for four years.

Only managing one successful season while serving as an executive, the legendary New York Yankees player struggled at South Beach. That happened during the abbreviated 2020 campaign due to the epidemic.

Jeter appeared on the Drink Champs podcast about nine months after leaving his position as a baseball executive to discuss the state of the sport today.

Modern analytics and statistics, according to “Mr. November,” have hampered the state of the game in recent years. He thinks that executives and front office staff who deviate from the standard are more likely to be accused of being negligent and sloppy in their work.

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Throughout his comments about the game, Jeter also mentioned his former captain and fellow Hall of Famer Joe Torre. Torre once said, “You can’t measure a person’s heartbeat,” as the illustrious shortstop recalled. It meant that baseball’s upper management couldn’t just look at players in a plug-and-play situation.

“A Milwaukee player may not necessarily be able to play in New York… There are several pressures.” Derek Jeter said this on the Drink Champs podcast.

For the time being, whether contemporary analytics are hurting the game of baseball is still a point of contention for both older and younger generations of baseball fans.

Managing director Derek Jeter’s career

After having a difficult experience in Miami, it is unknown if Jeter will ever again work as a baseball executive. Most of the time since 2017, the Marlins team led by the former captain of the New York Yankees has been in the bottom half, if not the bottom of the National League East.

They only ever had one winning season, which many dubbed an outlier, in 2020, when they went 31-29. They made it all the way to the NLDS, and it earned their manager, Don Mattingly, the Manager of the Year Award.

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