The Dallas Mavericks have done fairly well in the young NBA season. 

While the team didn’t make it to the next round of the in-season tournament, they still have an excellent record of 11-6 so far, good for third place in the Western Conference standings. And it’s all thanks to their star duo of Doncic and Irving.

The formidable pair, who was previously expected to deliver a masterful performance near the end of the previous campaign, has finally clicked and has been carrying the team to victories this season.

And on Monday, right after the Mavs were able to secure a W against the Rockets, their head coach, Jason Kidd, was asked about what had changed in the dynamics of the Mavs’ powerful duo this season. 

Kidd’s response

Kidd was listening intently as ESPN’s reporter Tim McMahon was asking the question.

The coach remained calm, and he kept the usual respectful tone he had throughout the interview. But his answer seemed to throw off the reporter, as he recounted the time when the media did not take it kindly when the duo failed to live up to expectations last season.

Kidd said  the pair is among the best right now, if not the best, when it comes to clutch time and recalled that it was “the big thing” that the media wanted to focus on heavily the previous year. He continued by pointing out that the media has stopped talking about the pair now that they are finally giving the outstanding performances that were expected of them.

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The coach, who still kept his cool, then encouraged the media to write positive content because people would still read it.

“You don’t always have to be negative. The world is already negative enough, right? Let’s see some positive stuff on positive people who are doing their jobs on a nightly basis,” Kidd said.

How the duo fared in latest bout

In their most recent bout against the Houston Rockets, Doncic scored 41 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, dished out 9 assists, and did not commit any turnovers—his third 40-point performance of the year. 

Irving, on the other hand, scored 27 points, 2 rebounds, and 5 assists to help the team win after a rocky start.

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