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After a distinguished career in the National League and Major League Baseball, Tom Hallion, a crew chief and 37-year MLB umpire, is retiring. His Nationals debut occurred in 1985.

Hallion may be retiring, but he will always be remembered by MLB fans for his amazing performances. In 2018, a video of the New York Mets manager Terry Collins yelling at umpire Tom Hallion after Noah Syndergaard was kicked out of a game for purposely throwing behind a hitter went viral.

Noah_Syndergaard Team USA
Image of Noah Syndergaard, from Wikipedia.

It was just a funny video of a fight that was mic’d up and featured some swear words. Because Major League Baseball was attempting to have the video taken down, it received a little extra attention.

Fan reaction to Tom Hallion 

The umpire/Terry Collins viral video, according to Rob Manfred, has been removed from the web because of a collectively bargained agreement with the umpires that said that certain conversations involving microphoned umpires wouldn’t be made public. How it leaked is being investigated by MLB. Diamond, Jay

With the use of a line that quickly went viral itself, Tom Hallion attempted to persuade Collins that while he recognized Collins’ perspective, his staff had to fire Syndergaard in order to avoid getting into problems themselves. Fans are complimenting umpire Hallion for how he handled Collins during the on-field incident.

What an excellent ump. Excellent management of the circumstance. Many umps would have simply thrown the manager out, but he chose to negotiate. Good stuff!” yelled a supporter at Hallion.

Hallion received a heartfelt response from a fan who praised him for having taught a valuable lesson on dealing with managers.

A fan stated, “this is my favourite video out there, and I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen it. This video only fuels my passion for umpiring, which I already have. Congratulations on your retirement, Tommy, and many thanks for the excellent management lesson you provided.”

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