Joe Maddon

For a long period, Joe Maddon was regarded as one of the best and most adored baseball managers. Managerial roles have evolved as a result of recent adjustments to the way the game is viewed.

Managers, who were once viewed as the pinnacle of an MLB team, now appear in a very different light thanks to analytics and front-office thinking.

Despite the fact that they still make decisions during games, much of the planning and other elements are provided by the analytics teams that each front office has.

Maddon is unsure that the manager’s role would resemble its history because he was never as connected with that aspect of baseball as others. In fact, he stated in an interview with Deadspin that he thinks it may imitate other sports:

“I might end up being a head coach. Looking at a head coach almost makes me think of a football situation where there would be a push for coaches to wear headphones in the dugout so that the game can be more effectively managed from above.”

Today’s managers must perform many different tasks than they did in the past, so Maddon isn’t entirely off base. Although what he is describing may appear impossible, it might well be true.

A head coach is a possibility because analytics has altered the game and is advancing it further. The Los Angeles Angels were Joe Maddon’s last team, but he was sacked in the middle of the season.

Are analytics detrimental to baseball, as Joe Maddon and others may believe?

Joe Maddon was quite open about how little analytics he used in his management. He never engaged in that with the Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago Cubs, or Angels despite the Rays currently being the most analytical team in baseball.

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Are analytics terrible for baseball despite the disapproval of many fans and even some players themselves? Some people think of analytics as “strike out or home run” or “high batting average is bad,” yet none of these statements is really true.

Analytics provides a statistical analysis of the game but one that is more in-depth than what typical measurements provide. Baseball would have banned a player like Anthony Rizzo from the sport in the past.

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