The Davis Cup will see Sinner and Djokovic return to action less than a week after the ATP finals. 

According to their schedules and match-ups, the two are set to compete on the same day, Sunday, November 25, albeit against different opponents. The Italians will be up against the Netherlands, while the Serbians will clash against Great Britain.

Assuming their respective teams, Italy and Serbia, win their semi-final matches, the fans could be seeing a rematch between Sinner and Djokovic sooner than expected.

And based on this possibility, the excitement surrounding the Davis Cup has only grown more.

ATP Finals in Turin

Last week, during the ATP finals, Sinner upset Djokovic for the first time and clinched a victory for all of Italy with a 7-5, 6-7 (5), 7-6 (2) in the round-robin stage.

The two continued down the lane of the season-ending tournament, forging their own victories, with Sinner sweeping down his subsequent foes, Rune and Medvedev, and finishing off with a record of 3-0, and Djokovic defeating Alcaraz and ending up with a 2-1 record.

The two qualified for the finals, where a match between a home-crowd favorite and the first-ranked player ensued.

If during the previous match, Djokovic lost and said that the 22-year-old deserved to win, that time he made sure that it wouldn’t happen again.

He downed Sinner in a straight-set victory of 6–3,6–3 with a 9.75 percent performance rating, the highest so far this year.

But now that the Davis Cup has started, the big question is: will we see a repeat of their ATP thrilling clashes, and if so, will Djokovic prevail this time? Or is Sinner going to seek retribution?

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Davis Cup Schedule

All Davis Cup finals matches will take place inside at the Palacio de Deportes Jose Maria Martin Carpena in Malaga, Spain. The World Cup will be held until November 26, 2023.

The qualifying countries this year are: Canada (defending champions), Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, and Great Britain.

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