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Rafael Nadal expressed further skepticism about playing in Wimbledon this year, stating that in light of his preference, it is not good for him to play on a different playing surface and go back to the Roland Garros clay courts during the Summer Olympics.

The most challenging surface change in tennis is the switch from clay to grass. The schedule of the Olympic tennis competition will begin on July 27, following Wimbledon which starts on July 1.

Nadal expressed: “It looks difficult… Honestly, I can’t confirm what’s going on, but for me, now it looks difficult to make the transition to grass, having the Olympics again on clay… So I cannot confirm anything, I need to talk with the team, I need to analyze so many facts, but I don’t think it’s going to be smart after all the things that happened to my body to now make a big transition to a completely different surface and then come back immediately to clay.” 

“Today, I feel that’s not a good idea. I can’t confirm, but my feeling is, even if I am booked in Wimbledon because I had to, I don’t think it’s a positive idea right now,” the athlete added. 

Nadal is for the Paris Olympics 

Due to injuries that he sustained at the Australian Open in 2023, Nadal was unable to play for most of the previous season as he prepared for his final year on the professional circuit. 

After declaring earlier that 2024 would probably be his last year as a professional tennis player, Rafael Nadal hinted that he would make a comeback in 2025 following his loss to Alexander Zverev. He was beaten by Alexander Zverev in the opening round of the French Open. 

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However, Nadal acknowledged that there is no assurance he will be healthy for the Olympics considering his injury issues over the past 18 months.

Nadal declared: “I can’t say anything today, but my main goal now is to play the Olympics that are going to be here, so I need to prepare myself the proper way: to try to arrive here healthy and well prepared – and then let’s see.”

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