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Tennis legend Novak Djokovic will be featured in an exclusive interview on “60 Minutes,” which will broadcast on Sunday, December 10, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

In an interview with prominent tennis journalist Jon Wertheim, the Serbian celebrity discussed the long-running CBS television program that has been a mainstay since 1968.

As tennis fans and enthusiasts alike prepare to dive into Djokovic’s insights in this highly anticipated interview, don’t miss it.

The 60 Minutes interview

Ahead of his interview on “60 Minutes,” Novak Djokovic hinted that he would like to sit down to dine with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the future and discuss their respective careers. In response to criticism for his contentious vaccination policy, Djokovic restated his unwillingness to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

This decision cost him a spot in big tournaments, including the US Open and Australian Open in 2022, as well as multiple Masters 1000 events. Djokovic isn’t changing his mind about vaccinations, even in the face of the media attention around it.

7 titles were won by Novak Djokovic in 2023

  • Tennis history saw a record-breaking show from Novak Djokovic’s 2023 season.
  • Djokovic won an amazing 56 of the 63 matches that were played, earning seven trophies in total.
  • Among his notable achievements were making it to the Wimbledon final and winning three Grand Slam competitions.
  • In the Wimbledon final, Djokovic was defeated by Carlos Alcaraz in spite of an impressive performance.
  • His outstanding performance during the season confirmed his unmatched talent and solidified his legacy in the field.
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The Serbian tennis master, after a thrilling match against Stefanos Tsitsipas, secured the trophy at the Australian Open with an incredible display of skill and willpower. He now shares the record for the most Grand Slam victories by a male player with Rafael Nadal after this victory.


After this triumph, he maintained his unchallenged play, beating Casper Ruud to win the French Open and cementing his record as the male tennis player with the most Major victories.

Unwaveringly strong, Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final to win his fourth title and raise his Grand Slam total to an unprecedented 24—a feat no other tennis player in the Open Era, male or female, has ever achieved.

Despite being a 24-time Major winner, Djokovic’s incredible season came to an end in 2023 as Serbia lost 2-1 to Italy in the Davis Cup quarterfinals. Jannik Sinner defeated Novak Djokovic even though he had three match points.

The tennis virtuoso is preparing to launch his 2024 campaign at the United Cup, where he will proudly represent Serbia in international competition.

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