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Tennis pro Hubert Hurkacz named Ayrton Senna of Formula One and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc as his two favourite drivers during a Q&A session. He also spoke about the popular “Barbenheimer” films, which combine Barbie and Oppenheimer and hit theatres on the same exhilarating day.

The charming World No. 16 Hurkacz provided followers with fascinating insights into his personal life in an engaging Twitter Q&A. The Pole’s eyes glistened with excitement as he mentioned two icons when asked who his favourite F1 drivers were: the swift Charles Leclerc and the unstoppable three-time Formula One champion Ayrton Senna. Hurkacz’s selection unifies eras of motorsport fans in one exciting paragraph that honours the magic of speed and ability, with Leclerc symbolising the thrill of the present and Senna personifying enduring brilliance.

Hurkacz tweeted, “Charles Leclerc currently, and as for former drivers Ayrton Senna,” an article from mentioned.

Hubert Hurkacz expressed his desire to race automobiles when asked what he would like to do if he were not a tennis player.

Hubert Hurkacz answered a fan’s intriguing Twitter question on what he would like to do if he weren’t a tennis player. The Polish star, known for his love of automobiles, eloquently expressed his enthusiasm for auto racing. He exudes daring energy and fierce determination that makes him an exciting and distinctive athlete both on and off the track.

“I would love to race cars,” he said, according to an article on

Tennis star Hubert Hurkacz, the winner of the 2023 Open 13 Provence, is also a devoted Formula 1 fan. He enjoys playing golf, driving vehicles, and hanging out with pals. But his wide range of interests doesn’t get in the way of his game. When it comes to tennis, he is laser-focused. He won’t be participating in doubles at the forthcoming US Open, preferring to concentrate on the singles championship instead. A gifted player with an exciting off-court lifestyle, he has his priorities.

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