Arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, Serena Williams not only captivated us with her on-court heroics but also revolutionized the sport of tennis, changing our perception of it forever. 

And that was why it came as no surprise when it was announced that the Hall of Fame would be opening its doors to Serena Williams, along with eight other women who’ve also made remarkable changes in all walks of life, in 2024.

The WTA also paraded this announcement on their website, quoting what the Hall of Fame said of their candidates in its opening sentences: “The 2024 inductee class has broken barriers, challenged the status quo, and left an impact on history.”

Upon hearing the news, Williams’ supporters quickly scrambled onto the comments section under WTA’s post on X, saying that they “knew it was coming”, that it was “long overdue,” and that they “can’t wait” for it to happen next year.

The induction ceremony, which was formerly held at the Seneca Falls Hall, is set to relocate to New York City and will be broadcast nationwide on public television, according to an article published by 13Wham. March is the scheduled month for the event; however, a specific day has not yet been disclosed.

Williams’ memoir and fashion icon award

Last month, the former World No. 1 and 23-time women’s singles grand slam champion announced that she had signed a contract with publisher Penguin Random House for two books, one of which will be her memoir.

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Although the title of the book has not yet been announced, a Forbes article stated that Williams will recount the events of her upbringing, life, and her 27-year professional career. In addition, Williams will also divulge the tale of how she met her spouse, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, how she raised their two kids, Olympia and Adira, and share her motherhood experience.

And just a few weeks after announcing her book deal, Williams broke off from the rails of athlete accolades and clinched this year’s ‘Fashion Icon Award.’

During her acceptance speech for the award, Williams expressed her admiration for the fashion industry and its influence on the sport of tennis.

“I designed skirts out of denim and I wore purple tutus and bodysuits and put beads in my hair, and braids,” she said, via BBC. “It was really just a fun time for me.”

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