Tennis is a unique sport; it doesn’t feed off rowdy crowds and cheers. As it came from a noble background, the audience was expected to be silent as the King and Queen could be joining them in watching the entertainment, and back then, no one was allowed to talk unless given permission.

But while it became an unspoken law down the road, there’s one more reason why the players won’t condone any noise coming from the crowd. According to Andy Murray and Martina Navratilova, they not only use their eyes but their ears in the game as well. Apparently, the players react to the kind of sound the ball emits when it hits the opponent’s racket. The sound tells them the speed and spin of the ball, and they react accordingly. 

One small sound coming from the audience can be severely off-putting for a player; it simply disrupts their momentum.

This was the case in the latest Davis Cup match between Team Serbia and Team Great Britain.

Djokovic was playing against Great Britain’s Cam Norrie when fans tried to interrupt him several times during the match. In response, the Serb cupped his ear and blew kisses on the unruly spectators after he won the opening set.

Djokovic, in the end, managed to drown out the noise, or at least persevere in spite of it, and clinched an impressive straight set victory of 6-4, 6-4 over Norrie.

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Fans disrupts Djokovic’s interview

Despite tolerating the fans during the match, Djokovic could simply not take it anymore when the crowd from Great Britain’s section tried to disrupt his post-match interview.

While talking, a bang of drums echoed throughout the Palacio de Deportes Martin Carpena Arena, effectively drowning out Djokovic’s interview. And, as the water began to overflow from the cup, Djokovic addressed the noisy fans and said,  “Learn how to respect players, learn how to behave yourself,” before adding, “No, you shut up, you be quiet.”

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