Following their historic wins at the recent US Open, tennis superstars Novak Djokovic and Coco Gauff excitedly revealed this week, in a brief video, that the prestigious 1000-level tournament will continue to be hosted in Cincinnati, the Queen City of the West.

For the past few weeks, speculations that the tournament would be moved to North Carolina hung around the air, leaving eager Tennis fans in a waiting trance for the official announcement.

On October 10, however, this rumor was finally nipped in the bud when the Western and Southern Open’s X released a video which featured reigning champions Djokovic and Gauff. The two took turns in sharing the exciting news that Cincinnati would be hosting the tournament once again and recapping the previous edition.

“Our 2023 champions have some exciting news…@wta @atptour @usta @itftennis”

Djokovic and Gauff

Djokovic led the announcement with enthusiasm, stating, “We’re excited to share that the fantastic Cincinnati tournament isn’t going anywhere. Winning it this summer was a real highlight for me.”

Gauff followed, adding, “And we have big plans to make it even better. It’s where I secured my first WTA 1000 title.”

The video, set to lively music, showcased key moments from their careers and the vibrant event location, featuring an exuberant crowd.

They mentioned the tournament’s strong attendance, reaching over 200,000 fans, and the upcoming 125th-anniversary celebration for a truly remarkable experience.

Djokovic continued, “Over $200,000,000 will elevate the stadium, taking this event to a global stage.”

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Gauff concluded, “In 2025, Cincinnati will expand to a two-week competition for both men and women.”

In closing, they expressed their excitement about the forthcoming competition, with Djokovic aiming for his fourth victory in August and Gauff confident in the tournament’s promising future.

“I’m so looking forward to defending my title, and celebrating with you guys again. Cincinnati will forever be special to me. Like Novak, Cincinnati has class.” Gauff said.

With the wonderful news finally hitting social media, fans took to the comment section to express their delight. One user said, “I can’t express in words how happy I am that this tourney is staying. I have an emotional attachment as it was the last normal experience before major ❤️ surgery in 2019 & I go every year 2 remember & celebrate my recovery ❤️‍🩹!”

While another user added, “Fantastic news! 🥳 And thanks Novak and Coco for delivering it. Tears of joy. But in 2025, I’ll have to start taking two weeks off from work?”

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