Hurdler Christina Clemons garnered attention in 2021 when she qualified for the United States Olympics and won over track fans with her unusual choice of accessories—Doritos Cool Ranch drop earrings.

She had to come up with something unique for the last day of the competition, even though she was originally allowed to race wearing the chip logo. After she took home the bronze in the trials, her audacious statement not only captured the attention of the snack brand but also won over the hearts of spectators. This resulted in a sponsorship agreement.

Clemons made a big impression at the Olympic trials this year with her blue one-piece speed suit featuring the Doritos logo. But the emblem had to be hidden because of U.S. Olympic Committee uniform restrictions.

She was told to cover the insignia for the 100-metre hurdles final, even though she was allowed to wear the kit on the first day. Unfazed, Clemons came up with a chic and creative solution three hours before her race: she expertly cut a few nacho-shaped pieces of iron-on vinyl to conceal the logo, displaying her flare and inventiveness.

“One thing about me is that I’m always prepared for everything. If something needs to be handled on ME, I’ll do it the way I see fit.” Clemons said on Instagram.

Clemons runs with style and is inspired by unusual sponsorship

With a final time of 12.61, the 34-year-old athlete finished seventh in the finals and failed to earn a spot on Team USA, but she sprinted elegantly and motivated her son and the boisterous Hayward Field crowd.

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In an interview with LetsRun following the event, Clemons talked about her unusual sponsorship with Doritos, implying that the company pays more than her former shoe sponsor, Adidas. “Because the value is different, it’s better,” she said.

She said, “I think a lot of shoe companies don’t value athletes.” She stressed that this was not the case for all of them, but it is a big step forward to have non-athletic businesses like Doritos supporting athletes in the same way that Cool Ranch Clemons has.

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