Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players

Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players in the World

Playing football requires lots of physical strength. Game of football includes strength, stamina, speed etc. From Dribbling, running to kicking football requires all sort of physical exercises. There are various skills in football like taking a header, performing a trick with the ball or the flying punch of the goalkeeper to save the goal.

Height also plays an important role in sport. Tall people usually have advantages such as they have a good reach and can take big steps while sprinting. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players In The World in 2022.

1) Simon Bloch Jørgensen– Simon is the tallest Footballer right now. Born on 1 September 1992 in Flensburg, Germany, Simon plays as a goalkeeper and started his senior career in 2010. Simon stands 6 ft 10+1⁄2 in tall and is considered as the not only the tallest Footballer of current time but the tallest Footballer ever. He currently plays for Waltham Abbey.

2) Kristof Van Hout– Standing 6 ft 10 in tall, Kristof is a Belgian Footballer who plays as a Goal Keeper. He was born on 9 February 1987 in Lommel, Belgium. Kristof plays as a Goalkeeper for Westerlo and started has won the Belgian Cup in 2012-13.

3) Paul Millar– Paul is considered as the third tallest Footballer with a height of 6 ft 10 in. Paul was born on 12 April 1988 in Dunfermline, Scotland and started his professional career on 2009 but his career ended due to injury in 2016.

4) Vanja Iveša– Vanja is a Croatian footballer born on 21 July 1977 in Croatia. He played as a Goalkeeper and stood 6 ft 9 in tall in height. Started his career in 1995, he played for various clubs in different countries and finally retired in 2021.

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5) Tonny Brogaard– Tony is a Danish Footballer born on 10 February 1984 in Denmark. He was 6 ft 9 in tall and plays as a goal keeper and was one of the tallest players to play Football. Started his career in Fremad Amager and retired in the year 2009. Despite having the height advantage, he did not get many chances and was always the second choice keeper for the teams.

6) Tor Hogne Aarøy– Tor is a Norwegian footballer standing 6 ft 8+1⁄2 in in height. He was born on 20 March 1977 in Alesund, Norway. He was a forward and started his career with Spjelkavik IL in 1995. He has scored 120 goals in 347 appearances.

7) Yang Changpeng– Yang is a Chinese footballer born in Wuhan on May 1, 1989. Standing 6 ft 8+1⁄2 in in height, Yang plays as a forward. He started his career in 2008 by playing for Wuhan Optics Valley and retired in 2019. He has scored 12 goals in his 88 appearances.

8) Jason Mooney– Coming next on the list in Jason Mooney. He was born on 26 February 1989 in Newtownards in Northern Ireland. He stands 6 ft 8.5 in tall and plays as a Goalkeeper. Started his career in 2007 for Ards and played three matches for them.

9) Lacina Traoré– Lacina was born on 20 May 1990 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He is 6 ft 8 in tall and plays as a forward for Varzim S.C. He started his professional career in 2007 for Stade d’Abidjan. He has scored 82 goals in his 271 club appearances.

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10) Costel Pantilimon– The final player on our list is Costel Pantilimon. He was born on 1 February 1987 in Bacau, Romania. He stands 6 ft 8 in tall and plays as a goalkeeper. He started his professional career with Politehnica Timișoara in 2006. He is a free agent currently.

Most of the players mentioned above were Goalkeepers, from this we can conclude that Goalkeepers need to be tall in order to have that reach for the ball.

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