Rugby a physical game mostly played in british countries. Rugby is all about physical strength and tactics it has a huge member team with different positions of players. Rugby is played mostly in European countries. A question always arise that why is not played on Germany. There are many reasons that Rugby is not played in Germany. So here are the main reason we have listed out the reason that Germany doesn’t play rugby.

Rugby is been played in small parts and has a overall popularity of 80 million fans overall the world. Rugby is game where strength and skills both are important to achieve success in the carrier of Rugby professional players. The rugby championship is also played on International level where many countries participate with their teams and chase the upper ranks to win the trophy.

Here are some main Reason why Germany does not Play Rugby

The main reason Germany doesn’t play rugby as their prime game is that their team stand on 28th on the world overall which doesn’t show the passion in the player’s. There are not a quite good players for rugby team in Germany and is not played on a wide scale. The second reason to not play rugby in Germany would be their is no scope to build a proper strong rugby team which can be send to international rugby championship.

The third reason may be thir prime game as Germany totally focuses on their prime games such as football and basketball which doesn’t not leave a scope for rugby. The prime and foremost game for Germany is football as they have their national team which plays in international football league. Stay updated on the page to get live updates on rugby tournament stats and schedule. Also look at the facts and stats of rugby game.

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