Asia Rugby Championship 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details, Schedule, Squads All You Need To Know

The next sporting event that we all will be looking forward to is the Asia Rugby Championship 2022. This is the sixth tri-nation contest of the rugby union. This is going to be an exciting tournament to watch as it begins on 27th May 2022. This is going to be a 6-week contest between 3 participating nations. The tournament shall conclude by 4th June 2022.

As we know that there are 3 nations that will be taking part in the Asia Rugby Championship 2022, the teams are Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea. So let’s take a look at the small prints of the game here on this page, Asia Rugby Championship 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details, Schedule, Squads All You Need To Know.

Asia Rugby Championship 2022 TV Channels.

Rugby is an international sport that everyone in the world loves watching. So for the same reason, there will be live footage and broadcast of the tournament on various channels. So here are a few channels that will show the match live on the respective channel in the country.

  • In Malaysia ?? (Astro TV)
  • in New Zealand ?? ( Rugby Channel 64 (Sky TV))
  • In Korea ?? (STN sports )

For watching the matches in India there is no source available yet. Once we get the information regarding the same, we will update you soon. The Live stream of the league will be seen on:

  • In Korea -STN Sports
  • In New Zealand Rugby Channel- SKY TV Links 

What are the Fixtures of Asia Rugby Championship 2022?

Here we have the entire fixture of the contest 2022. Along with the week mentioned and the teams playing against each other, we also have the venue of each game. The timings of the game are yet to be disclosed.

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Week 1

South Korea v Malaysia
Incheon Namdong Asiad Rugby Field, Incheon

Week 2

Malaysia v Hong Kong
National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Week 3

South Korea v Hong Kong
Incheon Namdong Asiad Rugby Field, Incheon

Week 4

Malaysia v South Korea
National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Week 5

Hong Kong v Malaysia
Hong Kong Football Club Stadium, Hong Kong

Week 6

Hong Kong v South Korea
Hong Kong Football Club Stadium, Hong Kong

What are the Team players of the League ?

Take a look at the team and the players that will be seen participating in the Rugby League 2022 Asia.

Hong Kong

  • Mitch Andrews
  • Dayne Jans
  • Alexander Post
  • Ben Roberts
  • Daniel Barlow
  • Adam Fullgrabe
  • Benjamin Higgins
  • Grant Kemp
  • Callum McFeat-Smith
  • Jack Parfitt
  • Dylan Rogers
  • James Cunningham
  • Jack Delaforce
  • Fin Field
  • Craig Lodge
  • Michael Parfitt
  • Kane Boucaut
  • Michael Coverdale
  • Toby Fenn
  • Nick Hewson
  • Thomas Lamboley
  • Jamie Hood
  • Jamie Lauder
  • Bryn Phillips
  • Liam Slatem
  • Benjamin Rimene
  • Matthew Rosslee
  • Ben Axten-Burrett
  • Tyler Spitz
  • Lewis Warner
  • Max Woodward
  • Max Denmark
  • Conor Hartley
  • Salom Yiu
  • Alex McQueen
  • Casey Stone

South Korea

  • Kim Jeep
  • Na Kwan-young
  • Kim Min-kyu
  • Shin Dong-won
  • Son Young-ki
  • Kim Kwang-sik
  • Koo Ji-Won
  • Park Sung-ku
  • Kim Ho-bum
  • Han Kun-kyu
  • Youn Kwon-woo
  • Jang Seok-hwan
  • Park Soon-chai
  • Kim Hyun-soo
  • Yun Il-han
  • Hwan In-jo
  • Kim Jeong-min (c)
  • Son Min-su Lee
  • Young-seung.
  • Shin Ki-chul
  • Lee Myung-jun
  • Park Wan-young
  • Lee Eu-dum
  • Lee Eu-tteum
  • Oh Youn-hyung
  • Jegal Bin
  • Kim Nam-uk
  • Kim Sung-soo (vc)
  • Kim Gwong-min
  • Park Han-gyul
  • Chang Yong-heung
  • Jang Seong-min
  • Nam Young-soo.


  • Azman Osman
  • Mohd Nurazaman Ramli
  • Dinesvaran Krishnan
  • Sae Falupega
  • Harley Phillips
  • Nik Mohd Shahidan Mohd Zain
  • Mohamad Syarif Sudin
  • Eto Vaka Saukuru
  • Mohd Syahir Asraf Rosli (C)
  • Faat Hor Rozi
  • Atunasia Lacadamu Takubu
  • Vatimio Rabebe
  • Tengku Mohd Fariz Tengku Roslan
  • Seru Pepeli Naqasima
  • Callum Bin Azmir Kilpatrick
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  • Amirul Sani
  • Muhammad Syabil Laila
  • Mohd Saizul Hafifi Md Noor
  • Amirul Mukminin Amizan
  • Mohd Hazuwan Mohamad Zakeri
  • Wan Izzudin Ismail
  • Ras Hurairah Razbi
  • Mohamad Aiman Jamaluddin
  • Isoa Vuluma Turuva
  • Mohd Rosmanizam Roslan
  • Khalid Syed Bin Oliver Smith

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