Although football players make every effort to prevent injuries, the game’s intensity combined with a field full of fiery-spirited individuals can occasionally make injuries unavoidable. 

And that is precisely what occurred late in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s AFC South-leading Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cincinnati Bengals game. 

In the flash of the moment, no one could make out what exactly happened with Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. However, watching the playback in slow motion revealed that Walker Little, one of Lawrence’s teammates, had trodden on his own foot.

Bengals’ defensive end Trey Hendrickson was pushing Little, and as he stepped backward, his feet unfortunately landed on Lawrence’s right feet, causing Lawrence’s leg to bend in an awkward angle. Lawrence fell down immediately, with his right leg folded and taking the brunt of the fall.

In a stoppage of play, both Hendrickson and Jaguars’ wide receiver Zay Jones supported and helped Lawrence get back on his feet. He staggered and managed to take a few steps before collapsing onto his knees once more. In a fit of rage, Lawrence punched the ground and took off his helmet. 

Hendrickson offers a prayer for Lawrence

Upon seeing Lawrence in distress, Hendrickson didn’t hesitate to bend down on one knee and offer a prayer for Lawrence in the middle of the field.

Several X users then expressed their admiration for Hendrickson for showing compassion towards his opponent during the game.

Following the game, Doug Pederson, the coach of the Jaguars, had no updates on Lawrence. The quarterback was not made available to the media and was spotted in the locker room using crutches, as per Yahoo Sports

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Tom Pelissero reported that Lawrence was initially diagnosed with an ankle sprain and will undergo an MRI on Tuesday.

Jaguars vs Bengals: Results

The Jaguars, who now have an 8-4 record, were unfortunately defeated by the Bengals 34-31.

Conversely, the Bengals saw their record rise to 6-6.

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