January 13 will mark the start of the 15th FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup. For the second consecutive year, the quadrennial event will take place in the state of Odisha. Hosts This time around, India is one of the teams with the best chances of taking home the prized Cup.

Field hockey has a storied history with the Indian men’s hockey squad. Eight gold medals from the Olympics have been won by Team India. The 1975 Kuala Lumpur World Cup final saw India defeat Pakistan to claim its lone World Cup victory.

India’s 48-year quest for a World Cup title may come to an end this year thanks to Harmanpreet Singh and company. Leading up to the World Cup, the team has achieved outstanding results.

India earned the silver medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Harmanpreet Singh’s direction of the team has resulted in its playing as a cohesive one. Let’s look at India’s games and the full World Cup schedule as we approach the tournament’s opening match between Argentina and South Africa.

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup Match Schedule 2023

13th Jan 

Team Venue Timing
Argentina vs South Africa Bhubaneshwar 1:00 pm IST
Australia vs France Bhubaneshwar 3:00 pm IST
England vs Wales Rourkela 5:00 pm IST
India vs Spain Rourkela 7:00 pm IST


14th Jan 

Team Venue Timing
New Zealand vs Chile  Rourkela 1:00 pm IST
Netherland vs Malaysia Rourkela 3:00 pm IST
Belgium vs South Korea Bhubaneshwar 5:00 pm IST
Germany vs Japan Bhubaneshwar 7:00 pm IST
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15th Jan

Team Venue Time
Spain vs Wales Rourkela 5:00 pm IST
India vs England Rourkela 7:00 pm IST


16th Jan

Team Venue Timing
Malaysia vs Chile  Rourkela 1:00 pm IST
  New Zealand vs Netherlands Rourkela 3:00 pm IST
 France vs South Africa Bhubaneshwar 5:00 pm IST
Argentina vs Australia Bhubaneshwar 7:00 pm IST


17th Jan 

Team Venue Timing
South Korea vs Japan Bhubaneshwar 5:00 pm IST
Germany vs Belgium Bhubaneshwar 5:00 pm IST


19th Jan 

Team Venue Timing
Malaysia vs New Zealand  Bhubaneshwar 1:00 pm IST
 Netherland vs Chile Bhubaneshwar 3:00 pm IST
  Spain vs England Bhubaneshwar 5:00 pm IST
India vs Wales Bhubaneshwar 7:00 pm IST


20th Jan 

Team Venue Timing
Australia vs South Africa Rourkela 1:00 pm IST
France vs Argentina Rourkela 3:00 pm IST
Belgium vs Japan Rourkela 5:00 pm IST
South Korea vs Germany Rourkela 7:00 pm IST


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