Beauty Dungdung

The 19-year-old and her family battled through some challenging circumstances, but it has not always been simple for them to achieve success on the field.

When Beauty Dungdung was a child, she frequently observed her parents going to bed without eating. Ambrose and Nilima prioritized feeding their four children over eating dinner themselves.

Beauty’s remarks

“I never felt well, yet I could not stop myself. My family’s financial position wasn’t fantastic,” Beauty stated.

Nilima and Ambrose continued on after that. Ambrose mortgaged his land, took out loans, and left his farm work in Jharkhand to work as a laborer in Maharashtra and Goa in order to support the dreams of his children because he believed in their talent—all of whom played hockey.

The siblings made an effort to assist Nilima, who is partially paralyzed, by taking up farm chores on someone else’s property.

Shakti, Juwel, Sachin, and Beauty made a promise to honor their parents’ sacrifices. The younger brother, Sachin, went one step further by being chosen for the junior national camp, where he is now training, while the older brother, Juwel, played inter-district and reached the national level.

Beauty, however, was the first Dungdung to make the enormous transition from the little village of Karangaguri-Bajutoli in the tribal region of Simdega to the Indian hockey squad.

The 19-year-old was named to the 20-person squad that will go to Valencia, according to an announcement made last week by Hockey India (HI), and she will make her Nations Cup debut there the following month.

“It feels amazing to have been chosen for India. My family was in disbelief. My mother was in tears. It was among my happiest times ever,” Beauty stated.

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