Who are the rudest and well fitness star football players and strikers which played in European leagues in his 40s?

European league is an annual football competition which is conducted in Europe. Football clubs participate in the completion with their squad and play Matches in the league to win the trophy. Take a look at Who is the rudest and well fitness star football player and striker who played in European leagues in his 40s?.

As European is about to start the stats regarding fittest players of the league and player who plays dirty to win a match. The fittest player is listed among the fittest player of all time considering both physical and mental fitness. Rude players here define the dirty tactics played by them while on the ground.

Most Rude Player in European league

A question always arrives who is the rudest player of all time when on the field. Here Gonzalo Bergessio totally fits the box. Take a look at the stats.

Gonzalo Bergessio

He is a professional footballer who formerly played for Argentina played as a position of a striker. He is mostly known for his dirty tricks on the ground and had pulled off many tricks successful without any interference on his career. When he goes on the pitch the against teams always has to be careful as the fouls are guaranteed in the match.

Most fitest football player in European league

The Fittest football player of all time is Ray Parlour. Check out the stats and updates regarding the player and team he used to play for in the European league.

Ray Parlour

He is a professional footballer who formerly played for the team Arsenal in European leagues. The most energized person in the league at the time of 2007-2008. He was claimed as the most fitted person in the European leagues. He also earned some demand due to his physical fitness which totally helped much in the game.

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