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Manchester United defeated the Wolves last Saturday and their manager, and Erik ten Hag refused to comment on Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia, but really who cares what he has to say? It appears that their feud is still ongoing which is no surprise.  

On Friday, Ronaldo completed his transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr and signed a contract with the team through 2025. His enormous contract, which is reportedly worth £173 million a year, comes one month after his United contract was mutually ended as a result of a controversial interview with Piers Morgan.

With Marcus Rashford scoring for the third game in a row since the World Cup to defeat Wolves 1-0, United has not yet missed the Portuguese superstar. Ten Hag punished Rashford for some late arrivals but had to bow down and field the scorer to win the match.

After Ronaldo claimed he felt “betrayed” by the club, Ten Hag was eager to get rid of the player, and he is now eager to put the incident behind him.

Ten Hag stated, “I don’t talk about the past, let’s talk about the future.” 

He then added, “First time we are in the top four, but it means nothing because it is a long way to go. We have to live from game to game, get in the position to win something.”

With regards to Manchester United’s current win, we will have to wait and see how they will compete against the ever growing Reds in the Premier League. Furthermore, with the transfer period just beginning in January, it will give a chance to all the Premier League teams to beef up their player rotation. 

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Fan reaction to Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr move


Netizens are rumourmongering that Ronaldo will be paid $500,000 a day with Al-Nassr. It is a pretty penny for a days work. The cost breakdown shows that he will earn $6.00 per second. It seems to be that Ronaldo has woken up in a better place after leaving his old club. 

Fans that disagree with his move to Al-Nassr posted screenshots of him making statements that he would rather retire in “dignity” instead of playing with USA, and Arab clubs. The statement appears to be true, as the Guardian published a whole article about it in 2015. 

Those that are unhappy with him earning that amount of money stated that he doesn’t need more. These people then claimed that the Middle Easterners are “human rights abusers” and that he should not be playing for a club like that. 

More comparisons were made between Ronaldo and Messi. Messi fans stated that Ronaldo has lost the battle ground to be our generation’s greatest of all time. Comments that describe their surprise that Ronaldo is joining an Arab team are also quite apparent. 

Positive remarks about him taking over the Middle East are also quite a popular opinion. He is still an amazing player regardless of all the unfortunate incidents that laid upon him in 2022. Statements of him ending his European career for joining Al-Nassr were made. 

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