Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son has been in the spotlight in the last month or so due to his “lack of” performance while playing for Tottenham. Many criticised him and made several racist remarks towards the Korean player, which is completely uncalled for. 

However, according to the Daily Mail, there is a breath of fresh air for Son as it appears that Real Madrid has an interest in him. Regardless of his recent issues with Tottenham, he is still a qualified and robust player. 

He is regarded as one of the top forwards in the Premier League, and has established himself on the 11th position in the recent Ballon d’Or rankings. Furthermore, he set a 23 goal record for the Premier League last season. It is obvious why Real Madrid would be interested in the Korean player. 

Joining Tottenham all the way back in 2015 for a whopping £27 million and is currently one of the few Asian men playing in the Premier League, he has already proven his capabilities. He has raked up 136 goals and 76 assists for the Spurs. 

Social Media comments about Heung-Min son’s potential transfer 

In a Facebook football group, the news was shared and it garnered a good amount of engagement, 2.5k likes and 125 comments. Netizens on Facebook pleaded with Real Madrid to take him as they claimed that his talents are wasted with the Spurs. 

Others were stating that he is too good for Tottenham and needs to win a few trophies before retirement. Real Madrid might just give him the opportunity to do so. The 30-year-old player, who still barely looks a day over the age of 25, may soon retire as many footballers tend to retire around their 30s. 

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Some are even suggesting that he is better suited for Chelsea. “He is good and severely underrated,” said a netizen. 


The viewpoint regarding Son on Twitter is likewise to the Facebook commenters. Netizens there claimed that Tottenham robbed his opportunity to win a golden boot without any penalties or any free kicks. “He deserves a bigger club with better fans.” 

There were questions on Real Madrid having policies against hiring players who are 30 and above. Some are claiming that this Madrid purchase is just a distraction to jack up Son’s pricing for another club to purchase him. 

Real Madrid fans were not too welcoming towards the Korean player, they claim that their club is not a retirement home for players. However, other fans defended the player and stated that they are not a retirement club and that the club appreciates players with valuable skills. 

There was a tweet comparing Heung-Min Son and Park Ji-Sung asking who is the greatest Asian player in history. Ji-Sung has won the UCL and Premier League with his club, however Son captained South Korea and won a gold medal. 

The viewpoints between the two players are conflicting, it is roughly a 50/50 split among netizens. Netizens further placed other Asian players in the thread claiming that they are the better ones when compared to the two. 


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Some are even claiming that there is a Japanese “David Beckham” named Hidetoshi Nakata. He is also regarded to be one of the best Asian footballers of all time and retired at 29-years-old all the way back in 2006. 

Regardless of these other players, Son also has good credentials and after seven years of being in the same club, it is time for him to move on to greener pastures. Regardless if it’s an English club or another European club.

It is not easy for an Asian to climb up in the football ranks as firstly, there is only a handful of them and second of all, it could be the coaches that are not willing to give them a chance.

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