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It’s a stadium day

While Qatar is touting that some of the stadiums hosting the World Cup will disappear after the event, we recall for our readers the fate of some of the majestic stadiums in other countries where the event was held in the past.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia was a fantastic journey for many of the national teams that participated in the tournament. But now, at least 7 of the 11 stadiums built for the Russia 2018 World Cup are not hosting clubs from the top flight.

However, despite regularly drawing crowds of 1,000 to 5,000 for home games, those stadiums must bear operational costs ranging from RUB200 to RUB500 million (approximately RM12.6 to RM31.5 million).

In South Africa where the World Cup 2010 was hosted, the absence of fans at home games caused its World Cup venues to struggle. They do not get enough revenue to sustain themselves financially. with sustaining themselves financially.

The situation is similar in Brazil where many stadiums are now the mark of shame since the end of the devastating World Cup for the nation.

The Middle Eastern country that has constantly been criticised for hosting this year’s World Cup has actually used interesting methods of construction for some of their stadiums. Unfortunately for them, the media focused on the country’s LGBTQ issues and their beer policies. 

Most of these issues have been explained by the Qatari officials as a means of safety and precaution. Furthermore, a lot of these rules are in place to make the event a family friendly one.

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The country spent around $200 billion for the construction of the sports venue and to provide other preparations for the World Cup in Qatar. For this, they built seven new districts where there are themes related to their local culture. 

They created a new city especially for the World Cup. Now they are going to dismantle most of these stadiums once the tournament is over. It will be a radical return to normal for the Muslim nation.

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