Lisandro Martinez, Argentina

2022 is a unique year as the FIFA 2022 World Cup is happening while the Premier League is headed towards the middle of its games. Argentina had made a request for Argentinian players to leave their respective Premier League clubs earlier to join them in preparing for the World Cup. 

Unfortunately, that request has been rejected by multiple clubs according to the Daily Mail. This is mainly due to the Argentinian players playing important roles in their respective Premier League clubs especially for their pre-World Cup matches. 

One English club has been asked by the Argentine FA to release one player early to play in Qatar this month. For obvious reasons, the English club has rejected their request. It is rumoured that the club then spread the information to other Premier League clubs in case of a similar incident occurring towards them. 

This whole situation is called the club-vs-country clash and any requests made by the Argentine officials will be met with strong opposition. Finally, something all the Premier League managers can agree on after the months of disagreements and dramas. 

Currently, Argentina has six players that are in the Premier League who are:

Manchester United
– Lisandro Martinez
– Alejandro Garnacho

Aston Villa
– Emiliano Bunedia
– Emiliano Martinez 

– Cristian Romero

– Alex Mac Allister 

It is thought that the Latin American country is making such a bold request due to them wanting to start the World Cup preparations early. The final dates for the Premier League before its World Cup pause would be between November 12-13.  

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Netizen’s reaction towards Argentina’s request

The buzz of this story has not gotten as much traction as compared to the other Premier League drama. However, there is strong opposition among Premier League fans for Argentina’s weird request. 

Fans stated that it is a disgrace to football if they (Argentina) thinks that the last few matches of the Premier League are not as important as the World Cup. Furthermore, fans disagree upon giving the country a head start over other countries, especially their own country which is England. 

Some are claiming that this could lead to a club vs country tension. We will have to wait and see with the developments of this situation. Now, with the World Cup being only two weeks away, countries that want to take their players back will have to act fast. They could get lucky with clubs that belong to other countries. 

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